If there is one holiday that can bring everyone together it is Christmas. Here at the Christmas Spot we want to make every day just like Christmas. So take a seat and come on in to the Christmas Spot.

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Traditional Plant for Christmas: Poinsettias

The poinsettia is a beautiful flower that is a gorgeous bright red and festive looking. Poinsettias are seen in many homes during the Christmas season along with in the malls and store fronts. The poinsettia is said to come from a Mexican legend. The legend says that a poor young Mexican girl wanted to give the Virgin Mary an offering while she was at a Christmas Eve church service. Sadly the little girl had nothing of value to give. One her path to the Christmas Eve service she was greeted by a beautiful angel who said that she should pick some weeds from the roadside and take them with her. Although the little girl did not think that those weeds would be a great gift for the beautiful virgin Mary she did as the angel said.

When the little girl makes her way to the alter and sets the weeds on it, the weeds then burst into these amazing red flowers, Poinsettias. It was then renamed by the Mexican people to Flor de Nochebuena which translated means Christmas Eve flower.

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