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The New Ripstik Is On Everyone's Christmas List

One of the coolest new items out there is the Ripstik and it is one everyone's Christmas list this year, young and old. This combination skateboard/snowboard is fast, fun, and easy enough for anyone to learn how to ride. The board has a kick nose and tail, rubber handle, torsion bar, a concave deck design, and spiked traction pads. It allows you to carve down, or even up, hills like you were on a snowboard and all you have to do to turn is simply transfer your weight. This awesome new board is for ages 8 and up, supports up to 220 pounds, and comes in four variations: Ripstik, Ripstik G, Ripstik DLX, and Razor Ripstik Ripster.

The Ripstik G is perfect for extreme grinding. The big difference between it and the original Ripstik is the addition of a spinning G tube made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It has great foot control and is perfect for all your tricks. The Ripstik DLX has a lighter weight design, allowing you to kick flip higher and has a spinning aluminum torsion bar perfect for grinding. Ripstik DLX includes new riser pads and allows you to go even faster than the original. This one also has carbon fiber graphics. The Razor Ripstik Ripster is the smallest design and weighs the least. It is ideal if you love to do tricks, as it will make tighter turns and will increase your speed the most.

All of these cool new Ripstik boards will allow you to do tricks, and all of them support up to 220 pounds. Choose your new board based on the kinds of tricks you do and you won’t be disappointed. You can’t go wrong with one of these amazing Ripstik boards this Christmas! You can also check out this review of each board here to choose the perfect Ripstik this Christmas: RipStik Boards: Way Cooler Than Skateboards

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