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Use Old Christmas Cards as Party Decorations

Many of us get Christmas cards every year but never know what to do with them once the holiday is over. One thing is for sure that many Christmas cards are beautiful and it seems such a waste to throw them away. So why not reuse them? Using Christmas cards as party or household decorations is super easy and can be a lot of fun. Here is one quick suggestion for reusing old Christmas cards.

Things you will need:

Old Christmas cards

Bolt of ribbon or yarn (Christmas ribbon or Christmas colored yarn works best)
Hole punch

Step One:

Open the old Christmas card up. In the crease of the Christmas card about one inch from the top punch one hole with your hole punch. Repeat this step with all of your old Christmas cards.

Step Two:

Measure the length of the wall or door way you wish to hang your Christmas cards on. Add 2-4 inches to this measurement to allow for a free flowing look when your Christmas cards are hung. Cut the Christmas ribbon or yarn to match this length.

Step Three:

Weave the Christmas ribbon or yarn through the hole you punched in your Christmas card. Tie a knot large enough on each side so the Christmas card does not slip. Repeat this with all the Christmas cards.

Step Four:

This is an optional step. Once you have hung your old Christmas cards you can also add a Christmas bow to each end for extra visual appeal.

So this year when you think about tossing out those beautiful Christmas cards, think again! You can reuse them to create a beautiful and inexpensive Christmas decoration for your home next year.

Photo Credit: popofatticus @ flickr.com

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