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How to Make a Christmas Wreath

As the Christmas Season approaches, you may be scrambling to find some inexpensive but beautiful Christmas decorations. With the cost of decorations in the stores, you may even be wondering if you can learn how to make a Christmas wreath for your front door or a wall in your home. Follow these easy steps to learn how to make a Christmas wreath that will dazzle your guests before they walk through your door.

Items needed:

* A wreath form with a metal base, found at any craft store;
* Three to four different colors of glass balls of varying shapes and sizes (old Christmas balls can be used);
* A hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks; and
* A bow in the color that coordinates with the colors of the balls.

Steps for how to make a Christmas wreath:

Step One: Start with the largest balls and glue them to the wreath, covering as much of the wreath as you can.

Step Two: Fill in the spaces with the medium sized balls by gluing them onto the wreath with the hot glue gun.

Step Three: Fill in any remaining spaces with the smallest Christmas balls by using the hot glue gun. With these balls, you will need to glue them to the larger balls, as there will not be enough space to get those smaller balls to actually touch the wreath form itself. This will give the wreath a fabulous three-dimensional look.

Step Four: Glue the bow to the bottom or the side of the wreath.

Step Five: Using the wire circle on the back of the wreath form, hang the wreath on a door or wall.

Some additional tips for how to make a Christmas wreath:

* Choose the glass balls that coordinate with the colors that are used in the d├ęcor of your home as alternative to the traditional green and red.

* If you have a wreath form with no wire on the back, simply wrap strong floral wire at the top of the wreath before you glue on the balls to make a wreath hanger.

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