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How to Make Reindeer from Clothespins

This method of making reindeer from clothespins is very simple and easy to make. This will make short reindeer, but additions can be made to make a longer body if needed. The clothespin reindeer can be painted and decorated different ways and it’s up to the person making them to decide how to decorate them.

Here is a list of items needed:

3 regular clothespins (4 if adding a longer body)
Craft or wood glue (Elmer’s glue can be used, but craft or wood glue sticks better)
Small wiggle eyes (7mm size will work well)
Options - brown and black paint or magic markers/cotton balls

Step One:

For short bodies, glue 2 clothespins together, side by side, for the legs. For long bodies, glue a clothespin on each end of another clothespin, pointing the same way for the legs. The clothespin for the back legs in this kind of reindeer will need to be glued in between the sticks of the third clothespin.

Step Two:

Glue the last clothespin on the front for the head, with the sticks pointing up for the antlers. Let all of the glue dry before doing anything else.

Step Three:

If painting or coloring the reindeer, do that now. Color all the clothespins brown, let dry if using paint, then color the antlers black. Feet can be made black, too. Let dry.

Step Four:

Glue on wiggle eyes. Cotton can be pulled from a cotton ball to make a white tail. Cotton can be used for a nose, too. This can be glued on and then painted black or colored with black magic marker.

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