If there is one holiday that can bring everyone together it is Christmas. Here at the Christmas Spot we want to make every day just like Christmas. So take a seat and come on in to the Christmas Spot.

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Christmas Music Favorites That Warm The Heart

Many people quickly answer that their favorite Christmas music involves songs that make them remember their childhood or give them warm feelings for the holidays. There are many songs you may forget to play that can really get you in the Christmas spirit. Here are a few things you should think about when considering music during the holidays.
Jingle Bell Rock
It really isn’t the start of the season until you’ve heard this song played. Whether you listen to the original recording or one of the many remixes, this Christmas music is sure to get you through the long, busy days of the season. Turn it up loud and have the whole family jamming to the lyrics while decorating the Christmas tree or baking cookies.
Alvin And The Chipmunks
Any of their fun Christmas music is vital to listen to when getting ready for the season. Their fun voices instantly put a smile on a person’s face. There is always the classic ‘Christmas don’t be late.’ But you can also listen to their whole album before getting ready to go Christmas shopping. These songs are also fantastic to give away as presents during the holiday season.
Give Some Classic Christmas Music This Year
You can choose to give an album by Elvis Presley that is full of Christmas songs to the person in your life who loves the classics. Perhaps they would be more interested in some holiday music that has a country sound. Try something by Dolly Parton or the Judds. Some other classic albums that make wonderful gifts include those by Mariah Carey, Merle Haggard, Toby Keith. You can also choose to give an album that is entirely instrumental. These albums are great to have ready for that guest who comes over with a present and you have nothing prepared for them.

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