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How To Make Festive Christmas Sprays For Less

There is nothing that makes a room seem more festive than by including Christmas sprays into your decorating scheme. Some would prefer using live pine branches on the fireplace mantle, but it is far easier to create some lively displays featuring a host of different colors and flowers.

The most popular display to create that incorporates Christmas sprays is to use poinsettias. These colorful flowers appear in stores around November, and come in different sizes, and colors. You can go with fresh flowers, or use dried blooms or silk flowers.

One of the easiest displays is to use some silk poinsettia flowers, along with some pieces of imitation fir, pine and cedar, arranged in a clear bowl. Use a candle for the center, arrange the pine around it, and weave the flowers all around. You can also do the same in a loose display for the top of the fireplace.

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