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How To Make Reindeer Décor With The Kids

Crafts are always fun to do around the holidays, and the best ones are the ones you can do with the kids. Creating festive reindeer décor is the easiest, and fastest, done within a single afternoon, while the cookies are baking, and presents are being wrapped.

To create your own reindeer décor, you will need 4 oz. plastic cups, some paint, glue gun, pompoms, ribbon, eyes and pipe cleaners. All of these can be found at your local craft store, and can be used by kids of all ages, with supervision.

To start, have an adult punch holes in one side of each cup, two in all. This is where the pipe cleaners will be threaded for legs. Paint each cup brown, and let dry. You can then glue on the eyes, pompom noses and more pipe cleaners for antlers. Use the ribbon to create the reins between each one.

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