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Where The Idea Of Snowman Décor Began

The first snowman appeared in the Grimm fairytale about the Snow Queen, who created guardians for her lands out of the winter snow. They stood as sentinels to protect her lands, and now they grace our homes in the form of snowman décor, a popular collectible in much the same way as the eternal Santa Claus.

Snowman décor can take many forms during the holidays, from those created in yards during the first snowfall, to the inflatable giants from department stores. The fairy tales can be credited for their popularity, as well as the many cartoons and songs that continue the tradition.

As a craft, they are the easiest to make. Styrofoam balls, stacked atop each other, glue and decorations, is all that‘s needed. They can be found holding up stockings, gracing the dinner table, or as plush friends to tuck in with the kids on a cold winter’s night.

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