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Santa Hats And Reindeer Antlers, Which Would You Wear?

During the holidays, the one thing that will be everywhere, wherever you look, are Christmas hats. Santa hats and reindeer antlers seem to be the most popular choices, and can be a lot of fun to wear. Depending on how often you plan to wear your holiday hat, you may want to look beyond the usual felt material options.

If you really love the holidays, and want to dress for them every day, then perhaps one of the knitted Santa hats and reindeer antlers instead, as they double for winter gear. For occasional wear at a party, then choose one of the felt, cotton or plastic hats.

If you do buy a long-wearing one, and it begins to fade, don’t throw it away. Once one of these festive hats can no longer be worn, there are ways to turn it into an ornament or display, with only a little crafting. 

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