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Different Varieties of Fiber Optic Trees

Fiber optic Christmas trees are pre-lit with brilliant mini lights built right into the structure of the trees needles and structure.  These ultra bright lights appear to radiate throughout the trees branches as if by magic.  The bright lights have a festive appeal that can not be compared to traditionally lit trees. 
Color Variety
The real appeal of fiber optic trees is the dazzling light displays they are capable of.  Fiber optic lights can be created in a huge variety of colors.  The intensity of fiber optic lights are also unmatched and can be seen from hundreds of meters away.  Fiber optic trees are available in whites, blues, purples, yellows, reds, greens, oranges and dozens of hues in between.  Programmable trees increase the festivities by allowing you to dim or blink colors to create a number of effects.  Lights can pulse to music, change shades and hues, even “chase” each other around the tree.
Full Size or Accent Décor

Fiber optic trees come in a variety of sizes so they make the perfect holiday accessory for any size home.  You can find trees in sizes as small as 25 cm and as large as 4 meters.  Small varieties make for great tabletop accents anywhere in your home. Larger trees are often used in outdoor displays as the lights are even more dazzling and intense at night. A larger Fiber Optic tree is also ideal for using inside your home as many come with decorations already included and their branches are flame retardant.  Mid size trees work well in foyers or entrances to create a glow that sets the mood.  Special features like a revolving base or music accompaniment are even available on some models.

Realism vs. Magical Feel
Many people choose fiber optic trees as a replacement for their family Christmas tree.  Why bother with fussing with all the cords and lights when you merely need to set up a tree and plug it in for a dazzling display that is ready in minutes.  Many tree makers are now creating realistic fiber optic trees that look like traditional evergreens when not plugged in, but then transform into magical displays when lit. 

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